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How to make your ship powerful in star trek online
 For making thieir ship powerful in STO, players not only keep doing star trek online power leveling on and on to gain a high level ship but also exert all of their energys to farm star trek online energy credits to afford rare weapons shields engines and auxiliary used for equipping ships. This is because most players would like to think that the highest level STO ship equippedwith rarest equipments should be unbeatable, thus sparing no star trek online energy credits on buying the best STO ships and equipping them with pink equipments. Is it true? I have to say it is not so absolute. When playing in star trek online, sometimes we can see an advanced ship with good equipments being damaged by a low level one with very common equipments.Why? Or what are the keypoints of making your ship powerful? In my opinion, it depends on three aspects: an advanced STO ship, good ship equipments and rational distribution on ship power. Generally, there are two ways to make your character invincible and become the king of STO. The fastest and easiest way is to buy cheap and safe super custom star trek powerleveling packages from Mr. Game, the other way is to do it by yourself, which I will introduce in details later.

Super custom STO powerlevel packages on Mr. Game make you the most powerful

In order to enable STO newbies to captain powerful ships, Mr. Game provides super cheap custom star trek online power leveling packages, including safe STO powerleveling service, rare equipments, good ship skills allocation and best ship power distribution. Because of the cheap price, 100% safe guarantee and professional leveling quality, buying cheap star trek online powerlevel powerful package is the best way to power level for STO character and make it powerful in star trek online.Take our super cheap STO powerleveling 1-45 for instance, it only costs $269.99.

super cheap STO powerleveling 1-45 packages: 1-lv 45 star trek powerleveling service

2. a full set of blue weapons of lv 45

3. a full set of blue shields of lv 45

4. a full set of blue engines of lvl 45

5. a full set of green auxiliary of lv 45

6. the best distribution of ship power

7. good skills allocation

If your can’t find STO power level packages suitable for your character’s current level on our website or want to equip your ship with some pink equipments, please be free to contact us via our live chat or sending email to We can customize super star trek online leveling powerful package for you, no matter what items you want to be included in it.

Although Mr. Game can assit you in making your ship super powerful quickly and easily, you may enjoy the feeling of doing it yourself. Now Iet’s focus on how to make your ship powerful by yourself.

First, powerlevel STO character to a high level

Whiling powerleveling in star trek online, farming STO energy credits and completing quests, your character will move up to next rank. Meanwhile, you will automatically get one free ship of this rank. For example, when you power level on STO Federation character from lieutenant to lieutenant commander, you can choose to captain one ship from Nova, Aurora, Quasar, Saber, Rapier, Ushaan, Constitution, Excaliber. Vespers. As the rank of your character get higher, you will get more advanced ship Therefore, if you desire to captain a powerful ship, first you should powerlevel star trek online character to a top rank. But the tediously long STO power leveling really make players frustrated. Then how to power level in star trek online easily for STO players who are thirsty of powerful ships? Is there an easy and fast way to powerlevel for STO? Definitely! Buying cheap & safe & fast star trek powerleveling service from Mr.Game, you will enable your character to power level fastest on STO to the cap level and captain the most advanced ship.

Second, make a large amount of star trek energy credits

 After powerleveling STO character to reach level 45, you will get the advanced ship. But it is still not the best. Moreover, if there isn’t any power support on your ship, it will be easily defeated no matter how anvanced it is. So if you dream of owning the most powerful ship, you have to buy a mighty ship and good equipments for it with star trek online gold. However, only relying on the little amount of star trek online credits you farmed, you maybe not able to afford to buy a piece of blue weapon. How to earn STO energy credits fast? What is the fastest way to make a lot of energy credits in star trek online? Buying cheapset star trek online energy credits safe and fast is the best way to get abundent energy credits for STO and afford rare equipments.

Third, distribute power to the subsystems of you ship rationally.

The STO ship’s Warp Core is basically your ship’s power core that provides power and energy to your ships systems. If you don’t have any power, you can do nothing at all, and no matter how much power your Warp Core can provide, it’s never enough. You have to distribute power to the subsystems of you ship depending on your current needs.

All of the systems on a ships are divided into 4 groups of Subsystems: Weapons, Shields, Engine, and Auxiliary. Increasing power to weapons, shields or engines will boost the performance of them respectively. On every ship you have 200 units of power which can be distributed however you like. You must allocate at least 25 power units to a particular system and a maximum of 100, meaning you can have all 4 subsystems at 50; or 1 at 100, one on 50 and other two on 25.

If you want to increase your damage output, you can set 100 power in weapons. When you want to increase its regeneration rate, you had better have 100 power in shields. While planing to Deflector Array, Tractor Beam, Ship Emitters, Sensors and similar as well as your ship trun rate, you should give power to auxiliary systems

However, for STO beginners, it is very difficult to distribute power in a rational way. Buying custom star trek power leveling packages from Mr. Game is a good way for them to power their ships. The well experienced STO leveling masters from Mr. Game are skilled in distributing ship powers, enable your ship to be the strongest one in STO. As the most trusted

STO gold, Mr. Game will provide you the cheapest star trek online credits and STO power leveling fast and safe. Buy best star trek online power leveling service and star trek online energy credits on Mr. Game, enabling your character become the king in STO.

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